Life Free of Anxiety

Overcoming Fear in The World's Toughest Race (Eco-Challenge Fiji)

August 18, 2020 Erica and Heather Flebbe Episode 38
Life Free of Anxiety
Overcoming Fear in The World's Toughest Race (Eco-Challenge Fiji)
Show Notes

Sleep deprivation, plowing through mud, climbing treacherous mountains… They certainly don’t call it The World’s Toughest Race for nothing!

In this episode, I (Erica) talk to my friend Heather Flebbe about her time competing in the World’s Toughest Race, also known as Eco-Challenge Fiji,* and how she was able to overcome some pretty intense situations!

Heather shares how two of her teammates on Team Super Fighters overcame cancer before the race (one being her husband) and the physical limitations they not only endured, but overcame.

You may never plan to race in the jungles of Fiji, but you will have to face your fears! Let Heather show you why you are tougher than you think.

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