Life Free of Anxiety

Help for the Anxious Child

August 30, 2023 CHAANGE, Inc, with Erica & Dr. Charles Barr Season 1 Episode 5
Life Free of Anxiety
Help for the Anxious Child
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In this  episode, Erica, a former anxiety sufferer, and Dr. Charles Barr, Director of the CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program, discuss the important topic of identifying and addressing anxiety in children. They share insightful experiences and offer hope for parents who are struggling to support their anxious children.

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Identifying Anxiety in Children: Signs and symptoms that suggest a child might be struggling with anxiety.
  • Parental Perspectives: The type of parents who seek help and the confusion they often experience.
  • Physical Manifestations of Anxiety in Children: The ‘stomach aches’ and ‘headaches’ that may actually be signs of anxiety.
  • Beyond Shyness: Dr. Barr talks about the differences between natural introversion and anxiety-driven avoidance in children.
  • Long-term Impact: Discussion about how untreated anxiety in childhood can potentially affect a person throughout their life.
  • Trauma Signs and Red Flags: How to discern if a child’s behavior may be signaling a deeper, traumatic experience.
  • Effective Communication with School and Caretakers: Advocating for your child and investigating possible external influences on their anxiety.
  • The Role of Parents: The impact of parents’ words and actions on a child’s perception and understanding of the world, and the importance of being mindful of this.
  • Tools for Change: A teaser for future discussion on effective strategies and tools parents and children can use to manage and overcome anxiety.

Listen to this episode to gain insights into the different forms anxiety can take in children, and find hope through the expertise of Dr. Barr and Erica's own lived experience overcoming anxiety. They’re here to show that with the right tools and guidance, anxiety can be treated effectively.

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