Life Free of Anxiety, with Erica & Dr. Charles Barr of CHAANGE

Facing My Panic: A Psychologist's Anxiety Journey

July 31, 2023 Erica & Dr. Charles Barr Season 1 Episode 2
Life Free of Anxiety, with Erica & Dr. Charles Barr of CHAANGE
Facing My Panic: A Psychologist's Anxiety Journey
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In this episode of "The Life Free of Anxiety Podcast," Dr. Charles Barr, a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in anxiety disorders, discusses his personal journey with panic disorder. He delves into the world of anxiety disorders, the symptoms, and the effects they can have on a person's life. Erica, a former patient of Dr. Barr who has successfully overcome her anxiety through the CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program, co-hosts the podcast.

Highlights from the podcast:

  1. Dr. Charles Barr's personal experience with a panic attack: He had a panic attack during an earthquake while alone in his office. This incident led to a personal understanding of what his patients go through and a special interest in anxiety disorders.
  2. Exploring the term 'Depersonalization': Depersonalization, according to Dr. Barr, is a feeling of unreality, as though you're losing a grip on yourself. It is a common symptom of panic disorder.
  3. Anxiety is the 'great mimicker': Dr. Barr explains that anxiety can mimic symptoms of serious health conditions such as heart attacks and strokes, leading to misinterpretation of the symptoms.
  4. The devastating impact of panic disorder: Panic disorder can completely change how a person perceives themselves and the world around them.
  5. The importance of tackling 'What-ifs': Dr. Barr emphasizes the need to control anxiety-inducing thought patterns and replacing the 'What-ifs' with 'So what?'
  6. There's help and hope: Dr. Barr assures that panic disorder can be managed and overcome with the right set of tools like cognitive-behavioral therapy, breathing, and relaxation training.
  7. Skepticism is normal: If you're feeling skeptical about whether you can overcome your anxiety, Dr. Barr assures that it's normal. What's important is to keep an open mind and be willing to seek help.

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