Life Free of Anxiety

How Carson Daly Refused to Let Anxiety Win!

December 23, 2023 Erica Roth & Dr. Charles Barr of CHAANGE Season 1 Episode 16
Life Free of Anxiety
How Carson Daly Refused to Let Anxiety Win!
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Welcome to the Life Free of Anxiety podcast, guided by hosts named Erica Roth and Dr. Charles Barr, who is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in anxiety. 

The conversation revolves around the first panic attack experience of most people suffering from anxiety and discusses the renowned Television host, Carson Daly’s public admittance of his struggle with anxiety. Daly recounts about his panic attack in an extensive length during a 'TRL' recording. 

The hosts correlate Daly's experiences with typical signs of panic attacks such as unexpected adrenaline rush and emphasize that panic attacks can affect everyone, regardless of their social status or profession. The episode concludes with information about their upcoming 16-week coaching group, starting on January 7th, 2024, which aims to support people dealing with anxiety.

00:00 Introduction and Background
01:37 Understanding Anxiety and Panic Attacks
06:10 Carson Daly's Experience with Anxiety
10:29 The Role of Cognitive Therapy in Managing Anxiety
27:42 Conclusion and Invitation to the Support Coaching Group

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S01E16 How Carson Daly Refused to Let Anxiety Win