Life Free of Anxiety

Holiday Travel with Anxiety? You’ve Got This!

November 22, 2023 CHAANGE, Inc, with Erica Roth & Dr. Charles Barr Season 1 Episode 13
Life Free of Anxiety
Holiday Travel with Anxiety? You’ve Got This!
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In the second part of the holiday special of the Life Free of Anxiety podcast, hosts Erica and Dr. Charles Barr discuss dealing with holiday-related anxiety, particularly relating to travel. They provide tips and strategies on planning, preparing, and managing situational anxiety like traveling out of your comfort zone, or dealing with delays and unexpected events. They emphasize taking adequate measures to ensure comfort during your journey and using constructive thoughts and distractions to manage fear and anxiety. They wrap up wishing the listeners a Happy Thanksgiving and encourage them to explore their CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program.

  • 00:00: Holiday Travel with Anxiety? You’ve Got This! 
  • 01:04: Holiday Anxiety and Travel Planning
  • 02:18: Understanding and Managing Anxiety in Cars
  • 06:05: Planning for Imperfections and Unexpected Events
  • 10:55: Tips for Air Travel and Coping Strategies

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S01E13 Holiday Travel with Anxiety? You’ve Got This!
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